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Freya Monroy

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4001 N 3rd St, Suite 460
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Pioneering Progress, One Mortgage at a Time

Attention, world! We're about to turn up the heat on Instagram because Freya Monroy is stepping into the spotlight! 🔥

Two decades deep in the mortgage game, Freya's journey isn't just about years; it's about grit, grind, and greatness. From the trenches of Loan Processing to breaking barriers in uncharted waters, she embodies the hustle and heart to conquer any mountain.

But let's get one thing straight - Freya isn't just another name on the roster. She's a force, a connector, a game-changer, ready to send shockwaves through the industry. 🌊🌟

And if you thought you knew what energy was, think again. Straight outta Colombia, Freya's bringing that fiery spirit, that zest, that undeniable charisma to Right Away Lending. We're not just adding a member; we're igniting a spark that's set to light up our collective journey.

So, Right Away Lending team, lace up and lock in! With Freya's expertise, unmatched network, and vibrant Colombian essence, we're not just aiming for the stars; we're blasting through them. Buckle up, because this ride with Freya Monroy is about to be legendary!

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